5 Generations

The original 1996 exhibit was created by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Toronto Nikkei Archives and Resource Centre of the National Association of Japanese Canadians, Toronto Chapter.

Through the generosity of the Multicultural History Society, the exhibit is now on permanent loan to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. We are also grateful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation. With their support, 5 Generations is once again open to the public and accompanies the founding of Canadian Nikkei Heritage Hall. - Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

We wish to thank the organizations and people for making this exhibit possible.

  • Multicultural History Society of Ontario
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Toronto Nikkei Archives & Resource Centre of the National Association of Japanese Canadians, Toronto Chapter
  • The 11 subjects who shared their stories, and the people and places in the photo exhibit
  • David Fujiwara, curator, 1996
  • Sandy Usami, assistant curator, 1996
  • Shen Christine Adachi, curator, 2002
  • Tamio Wakayama, exhibit photography
  • Jesse Nishihata, filmmaker
  • Tom Henriksson, Kagami Images, graphic design
  • David Tarnow, documentary producer
  • Banri Nakamura, Yusuke Tanaka, Koko Kikuchi, Toshiko Yamashita, Ijusha history and Japanese translation
  • Martine Becquet, French translation
  • Lucia Mariani, Leslie Chan, Centre for Information Technology Development (CITD), University of Toronto at Scarborough, Kevin Au website design
  • Michiko Nakamura, artifact display design Bryce Kanbara, Banri Nakamura,
  • George Tsushima, Jim Ura, Milt Reynolds, installation
  • Frank Moritsugu, Roy Shin, Harry Yonekura, research consultation
  • Kiyoshi Nagata, website music; "Tenkai"
  • 5 Generations Educators' Committee and the Toronto District School Board
  • 5 Generations Programming Committee
  • JCCC Staff and Volunteers
  • Japanese Canadian National Museum
  • Gendai Gallery
  • 125 Years of Achievement Display - Pat Adachi, Marie Ikeda, Yosh Inouye, Ed Sano, George Tsushima, Peter Wakayama, Sam Yamada
  • Asahi Baseball Display - Pat Adachi, Mas Shin, George Takahashi, George Tsushima, Jim Ura, Mas Yamashita And the many others who helped this project. - September 23, 2002

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